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I opted for the security service that was advertised on The Home Security Store's website which was an alarm relay service powered by Alarm. com. I opted for the advanced interactive service that permitted remote arming / disarming via my iPhone and also provided some advanced notification features that allow me to be alerted via text / e mail / push notifications when the alarm is tripped or when certain sensors that I choose are triggered. For instance every time our driveway gate is opened during my regular work hours I get a text stating that it was open. It doesn't set the alarm off or call the police although I could have it do that. It just notifies me that someone is messing with my gate.

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Vivint is a home security system. They have over 2000 negative reviews on the BBB, many for similar reasons. The representative that sold me the system told me that if I moved then I would be able to cancel the service. I'm selling my house and moving to an apartment, so I can no longer use the service. I've only used 4 months out of a 60 month contract. The options listed for moving include transfer to another party, movement of service, or buyout of contract.


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